Hoshino Resorts Iriomote Hotel

Notice Days Closed: 2 June, 2020 (Tue) 12:00noon – 3 June, 2020 (Wed) 3:00pm
We appreciate your understanding.
About us
The jungle resort on the island where Iriomote cats live

Hoshino Resorts Iriomote Hotel locates in Iriomote-Ishigaki National Park. This unique ecosystem only exists in subtropical climates. Visitors here always have new surprising discovery. Please enjoy a high-quality stay at the largest hotel in Iriomote Island, where nature encounters you.

Learn about the precious nature and ecosystem of Iriomote-Ishigaki National Park

We have sea, mountain, and river activities for you to enjoy the precious nature of Iriomote Island in no distance. You can choose from a variety of activities, such as kayaking, SUP, trekking, snorkeling, cruising, etc. We also have various rental items so you can enjoy activities without any worries.