Hoshino Resorts Iriomote Hotel

About us

Hoshino Resorts Iriomote Hotel is located in Iriomote-Ishigaki National Park.
Its unique ecosystem only exists in subtropical climates.
Visitors here always have new surprising discoveries.
Please enjoy a high-quality stay at the largest hotel in Iriomote Island,
where nature encounters you.

The jungle resort on the island where Iriomote cats live

Iriomote Island maintains a unique ecosystem. It has isolated from the continent for 200,000 years. The "Iriomote cat" is the only native common carnivore in the Ryukyu Islands. It reigns at the top of the Iriomote Island ecosystem and is a national special natural monument. There are currently about 100 Iriomote cats live on Iriomote Island, and it is the most famous endangered animal in Japan.

The magnificent, mysterious field that nurtured Iriomote cats has the jungle of the primeval forest that covers about 90% of the island and the rich blessings of the sea. Iriomote cats live in “Iriomote,” the miracle island, is the second-largest area in Okinawa. The beautiful name has the heart-soothing nature which brings you there.

The hospitality of the resort hotel is full of subtropical luxury.

The hospitality can be seen everywhere in the largest resort in Iriomote Island. Step into the hotel entrance, the high ceiling with check pattern is spreading in front of you. The subtropical luxury wrapped in the brown-based comfort surrounds you. Here, you can have dinner, breakfast, and activities while listening to the colorful birds chirping and the waves timbre; enjoy the precious time of swimming in the outdoor pool or receiving the treatment at Ryukyu Spa. The comfort and hospitality of the luxury resort and unique nature make here your other home.

Spacious guestrooms larger than 42 square meters with daybeds; the buffet of mysterious subtropical cuisine

All guestrooms are at least 42 square meters and equipped a relaxing day bed (200mm x 180mm). The main guestrooms feature the impressive white walls and are decorated with a variety of wooden interiors, reliefs, and furnishings that reminds you of southern nations. The rooms balance eco-friendly and functionality. The bathrooms, restrooms, and the air conditioning are not only friendly to the Iriomote Island environment but also guarantee you a comfortable stay.

The night of the restaurant has the unique “Iriomote DEEP” buffet. The menu empathizes the nature of Iriomote Island. The change of sky, the dusk, sunset, moon night, and starry sky, is the feature of the subtropical restaurant. Have a quiet time with your loved ones when surrounded by the wave sounds, or a lively conversation with the visitors while enjoying the various meals and Awamori (an Okinawa alcoholic beverage). Enjoy the buffet of various vegetables and fruits under the morning sun.

Various activities to experience the extraordinary jungle tours.

A mysterious experience makes you feel in the other place. The tour will take you to explore the vast field. Our hotel activity staff familiar with the jungle well will introduce and guide your trip. Even the first time visitors can enjoy safely without worries. Iriomote Island has the largest subtropical jungle in Japan. Fantastic and vast mangrove forests spread out in the estuary of the gentle and majestic river. Beautiful waterfalls (Kampire, Pinaisara, Yutsun, etc.) are in the deep inner land. It is also the last mysterious realm habitat of our special natural monuments, Iriomote cats and Crested serpent eagles, and other precious animals and plants such as Yellow-margined box turtles and Atlas moths. We also recommend snorkeling in Okuiriomote, the west sea, of Iriomote Island, or in Atori Bay, Sakiyama.

This great nature tour can fit your needs to either explore deeply or easily. Our recommended deep explore tour includes Iriomote Island longitudinal trekking, which goes through the rugged nature of Iriomote Island, and snorkeling and diving in the deep-water area (deeper than Okuiriomote). On the other hand, the Urauchi River jungle cruising takes you to observe the mangroves or the brackish water area where crested serpent eagles, herons, and fish live. You will see Yaeyama fireflies dancing like flashing lights from late February to mid-April. From late June to mid-July, you will meet the mythical flowers of the powder-puff tree with sweet fragrance. In addition, you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, or observing hermit crabs and crabs at "Ida Beach," which is only accessible by water.

If you like mountain hiking or canoe, we propose this three-star experience for you. Challenge your family and group to kayak and snorkel on beautiful coral reefs. Even if your kayak spins around when paddling, our staff will help you gently. Numerous tours to enjoy the mysterious jungle are held every day. We will provide the equipment and tools needed, so you don’t have to prepare. Just participate with your own long sleeves / long pants and swimwear.

Healed by the nature of Iriomote Island, enjoy the relaxation.

After experiencing the activities in the mysterious realm, have a luxurious relaxing treatment at Iriomote Spa. The blissful treatments and natural healing with “mangrove,” “shell ginger,” “bittern,” “hibiscus,” etc. relax your body and mind. The stretch massages in the unique abyss air in Iriomote Island recovers your fatigue and enhances your natural heal. Relaxing by the pool is also recommended during your stay. Quietly reading books that you won’t read in your regular life with the sound of the waves or to talk about the amazing activities you had are also ways to enjoy. Have an overwhelming subtropical extraordinary experience in the paradise with colorful butterflies.