Hoshino Resorts Iriomote Hotel


Get close to nature through various activities, enjoy the comfort of the hotel, and feel our heartful hospitality.
Besides, the relaxing time at the outdoor pool and at the Ryukyu Spa are also essential for your trip here.
Prepared to be pleased by your stay at the subtropical resort with southern flowers.

  • Iriomote Spa

    Enjoy the wonderful time that refining your heart and body through the deep healing of Iriomote Spa. We have a variety of menus using cosmetics made from Okinawa coral, shell ginger, hibiscus, and other ingredients.

    2:00pm - 10:00pm

    * There are regular off-days.

  • Shop

    Various recommended Iriomote Island souvenirs, including goods of Iriomote cat, snacks, and Awamori are lined up. We also have trekking goods, marine products, outdoor equipment and essential items such as sunscreen.

    12:00noon - 8:00pm

    * Courier service available

  • Activity desk

    The various activities are undoubtedly the best part of the Iriomote Island trip. Since there are the capacity is limited, we recommend that you make reservation early. Our staff who is familiar jungle will be your guide.

    Front desk service hours: 8:00-19:00 {8am-7pm}
    Telephone service hours: 10:00-16:00 {10am-4pm}
    TEL: +81-980-85-7011

  • Hotel guest exclusive pool

    Our outdoor pool is surrounded by Bougainvillea and Casuarina that prevents sea winds. Please relax and feel the wind breeze and sunlight of Iriomote Island at the poolside.

    8:00am - Sunset
    21m long x 9m wide x 0.3m to 1.25m deep

    * Not a heated pool
    * Small children must be accompanied by adults

  • Coin laundry

    Coin laundry is on the first floor of the hotel. There are washing machines, dryers, and dehydrators. Detergents are available at the hotel shop.

    24 hours

  • Lobby / Front desk

    You will feel the openness of our entrance after entering the hotel. Wireless LAN is available in the lobby. You can see the pool through the glass.

    24 hours
    Free internet WiFi (wireless LAN)

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