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Hoshino Resorts Iriomote Hotel holds various events and activities throughout the year. The latest seasonal information is here.

Information of activities in autumn and winter

Here are the activities hold from autumn 2020 to winter 2021. Iriomote Island has the largest subtropical jungle in Japan. Fantastic and vast mangrove forests spread out in the estuary of the gentle and majestic river. Beautiful waterfalls (Kampire, Pinaisara, Yutsun, etc.) are in the deep inner land. It is also the last mysterious realm habitat of our special natural monuments, Iriomote cats and Crested serpent eagles, and other precious animals and plants such as Yellow-margined box turtles and Atlas moths. We also recommend snorkeling in Okuiriomote, the west sea, of Iriomote Island, or on the coastal coral reefs.

From Sunday, November 1, 2020 to Wednesday, 31 2021
Depending on the activity programs.
Please check the activity page for details. The contents will be updated sequentially.
"COVID-19 prevention buffet" restaurant opening (7/1 -)
In addition to meals and picnics in guest rooms, a buffet is added to enhance your enjoyment.

Hoshino Resorts Iriomote Hotel will open a restaurant for "COVID-19 prevention buffet" from July 1, 2020. From May 1, 2020, we have temporarily stopped serving buffet food. However, we received a lot of feedback from customers who want to use it, and in order to respond to this, we devised a new provision method that thoroughly implemented measures for "three dense avoidance" and "hygiene management". In addition to the meals you have done in the guest rooms, picnics inside the hotel, and the addition of a safe and safe buffet, the way to enjoy delicious meals, which is one of the goals of your trip, is expanding.

■Provide buffet menu (COVID-19 prevention by three dense avoidance and hygiene management) At Hoshino Resorts, we propose a trip that avoids three dense avoidance as a way of staying in the “with corona era”. We have also declared that we will work to create an environment in which congestion does not easily occur from the perspective of our customers, our staff, and our customers, and aim for the highest level of corona countermeasures. Based on this "highest standard corona countermeasure declaration," we have devised measures to ensure that customers can enjoy the buffet safely and safely in order to further meet the needs of customers who are waiting for their use. We would like you to enjoy the real pleasure of such a buffet, where you can enjoy the dishes that are related to the area and enjoy your favorite items in the amount that suits you.
(Image: RISONARE Atami)

■ Point 1: Only the guests whose temperature has been measured can use the restaurant. At Hoshino Resorts Iriomote Hotel, temperature is always checked at check-in. If we have a fever, we may refrain from staying, and we are working to prevent the spread of infection. In order to prevent the spread of infection, we have made the restaurant available only to guests whose temperature has already been measured.
(Image: RISONARE Atami)

■ Point 2: Anti-viral coating "Medical Nano Coat" is applied to neutralize infection ability "Medical Nano Coat" with anti-virus and anti-bacterial effect was applied to things that an unspecified number of people touch, such as buffet tables, tongs, dining tables and chairs. This is a special film nano-coating agent that destroys bacterial and viral proteins that touch the surface of the coating and neutralizes the infectivity (*1). You can enjoy the buffet with confidence as it reduces the risk of contact infection.
(Image: RISONARE Atami)

  • *1 From the official website and materials of Nasuku Nano Technology Co., Ltd.

■ Point 3: Acrylic covers to prevent splash infection are installed in all dishes, and arrangement is also devised In order to take thorough measures against splash infection, we will install an acrylic cover on the dish. In addition, when the customers choose the dishes, we have devised the arrangement of the dishes to avoid crowding. The dishes are arranged on a buffet table with a wide space between dishes so that the customers are not side by side or back to back. In addition, the lines waiting for food have also been marked on the floor to maintain a social distance. Customers can choose their favorite dishes while avoiding closeness and close contact with nature.
(Image: RISONARE Atami)

■Point 4: Mask and gloves are prepared for all customers When choosing a dish, we will prepare a disposable mask and gloves for you to use. We are taking countermeasures against contact infections and splash infections, such as applying medical nano coats and installing acrylic covers on dishes, but we decided to distribute it to all our customers for the sake of completeness.
(Image: RISONARE Atami)

■Point 5: Dedicated staff to secure social distance In addition to devising food arrangements to avoid crowding and close contact, the staff manages the congestion situation of the buffet space to ensure a social distance between customers. We will guide you to a place that is not crowded, and we will give you full control, such as having a long waiting line to your seat.
(Image: RISONARE Atami)

■ "Three dense avoidance" and "Hygiene management" at Hoshino Resorts buffet restaurant
  • ・Hygiene management in line with HACCP, which is more thorough than before the COVID-19 epidemic
  • ・Wearing masks for all staff
  • ・When a customer enters a restaurant, alcohol disinfection of fingers is carried out for customers.
  • ・High-temperature washing of tableware (plates, glasses) and cutlery (80 degrees or more), disinfection washing of food trays
  • ・Management of congestion at restaurants and decentralization of entry time
  • ・Distance between table seats for meals
  • ・Special meals for children to bring to your seat
  • ・Please wear a mask when you go to the buffet board
  • * Target facilities: Iriomote Hotel, RISONARE Kohamajima, Hoshino Resorts Tomamu, RISONARE Tomamu, RISONARE Yatsugatake, RISONARE Nasu, RISONARE Atami
Hotel Containment action activated for COVID-19 prevention.
Declaring the highest standard for COVID-19 countermeasures.
A trip that Hoshino Resorts consider to avoid three matter.
(closed space, dense place, close scene)

At Hoshino Resorts, we will promote the future services at each facility with the two measures axes of “hygiene management” and “three dense avoidance”. In "hygiene management", we mainly deal with disinfection inside the facility and check the health of our staff and customers. Regarding "three denseness avoidance", we will focus on creating an environment where "three denseness" is unlikely to occur from the perspective of customers, staff, and customers, and we will seriously work by changing conventional services.

<Specific measures for preventing coronavirus (COVID-19) infection>

Feature 1 "hygiene management" measures In view of the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, the following measures will be implemented in the hotel to protect your health, safety and public hygiene.

  • • Upon check-in the body temperature measure are required during this period.
    * Guests please kind understanding and follow the service policy, preventive measures to maintain public and personal health. If the body temperature is 37.5℃ /99.5℉ and higher, according to the policy of Local Health Center and we sincerely apologize for temporarily suspended receiving and accommodating for above situation.
  • • This includes thorough sanitation of guest rooms and public spaces, additional provision of alcoholic sanitizers across the resort.
  • • Introduced a humidifier that can maintain sufficient humidity in all guest rooms.
  • • Installed a splash prevention panel at the hotel front counter.
  • • In addition to regular guest room cleaning, cleaning and wiping with alkaline electrolyzed water inside the hotel. In particular, all rooms are cleaned with alkaline electrolyzed water on parts that are touched by the hands (door knobs, drawers, refrigerator handles, remote controls, switches, etc.).
  • • Alcohol disinfectant is installed in various places in the building.
  • • Alcohol disinfection for all customers when entering the store.
  • • High temperature cleaning of tableware (plates, glasses) and cutlery (80 degrees or more), disinfection cleaning of food trays.
  • • Thoroughly manage hotel staff's health and hygiene. Wear a mask when serving indoors.

Feature 2 "three dense avoidance" measures The following measures are taken in order to create a stay that avoids the "three denseness" of closed, dense, and close.

  • • Restrictions on entrance / entrance at locations where congestion is confirmed during the stay.
  • • Implement congestion mitigation measures by managing occupancy of table seats.
  • • Enforcement of procession restrictions when checking out at hotel front.
  • • Conversion from buffet format to set menu
    * The content may change without notice on the day
  • • For those who wish, we will provide a take-out style service where you can take your food home to your room and have a meal (Target: Restaurant dinner and breakfast)

A safe trip at Hoshino Resorts Iriomote Hotel

■ Rooms We disinfect and clean the rooms.
Spend your time on a subtropical island in our spacious 42m² to 52m² room.

■ Restaurant Alcohol disinfection is carried out for all customers when entering the restaurant.
For dinner and breakfast, we will temporarily stop providing buffet-style meals and offer them as a set menu.
* The content may change without notice on the day
If you prefer, you can bring your meal home to your room for a meal.

■ Activity In the location where the mangroves spread in front of you, in the fresh air of the morning, While feeling nature with your body and mind, take in the energy of plants and start a pleasant day.

■ kayak challenge You can enjoy the magnificent view of mangroves and the encounter with the creatures of the tidal flat at low tide.
Unlike a boat with an engine, it gently walks on the water, so you can feel the breath of nature closer.
You may also find very rare types of crabs and cute fiddler crabs.

■ Yamaneko (Iriomote Wildcat) School Currently, it is said that only about 100 animals live on the island. Not to mention the rarity,A slightly bigger and plumper figure than a normal cat, a unique round ear and a big nose,Even in bright places, the unique pupils do not thin the pupils. From the origin of the island,We are holding a lecture that will make you like Iriomote Island even more, including the ecology of the Iriomote wildcat.

Hoshino Resorts Iriomote Hotel Opened on Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Hoshino Resorts Inc. opened the "Hoshino Resorts Iriomote Hotel" on Iriomote Island in Okinawa Prefecture on October 1, 2019. Follows the Hoshinoya Taketomijima operated by the same company, the Iriomote Hotel is our second facility located in the Yaeyama Islands. The concept is “the jungle resort on the island where Iriomote cats live”. It is the largest hotel on Iriomote Island with 138 rooms. Enjoy its great nature through outdoor activities and experience its unique ecosystem and island culture through the tour.