Hoshino Resorts Iriomote Hotel


Surrounded by southern flowers “Bougainvillea” and the Casuarina that prevents sea winds,
the pool is a place to feel the nature,
the wind, and the sunlight of Iriomote Island closely.
Relax on the poolside deck chair.

Outdoor pool

Our outdoor pool is surrounded by Bougainvillea and Casuarina that prevents sea winds. Please relax and feel the wind breeze and sunlight of Iriomote Island at the poolside.

8:00am - Sunset
21m long x 9m wide x 0.3m to 1.25m deep

* Not a heated pool
* Small children must be accompanied by adults

Ida Beach

The spectacular Ida Beach in Okuiriomote is one of the most beautiful beaches in Japan, which is seldom known. In addition to the white sand beach, the sea is also beautiful, where you can see the magnificent coral reefs and tropical fish.

* You can come by bus and ferry from the hotel. Please apply for the activity tour "Let's have fun on Ida Beach!"