Hoshino Resorts Iriomote Hotel

Announcement of recruitment

About 45 minutes by high-speed ferry from Ishigaki Island, we run the resort with the precious subtropical ecosystem of "Iriomote Island." The resort is located in Yaeyama Islands, Okinawa Prefecture. Delivering the preciousness of the ecosystem to our customers is our important goal. We are looking for staff to generate a memorable place with us.

Living and working on the remote island.
The island where Iriomote cats live is the last mysterious realm in Japan. With lush subtropical plants and beautiful sea with coral, would you like to build a world-class unique eco-resort with us?


General hotel services
It is a multi-tasking work that the work content changes to serve customers. It includes front desk services, restaurant services/cooking, guestroom cleaning, etc. In addition to the services, we also have various projects including marketing, business improvement, and product development that takes advantage of the local attractions. Our goal is to provide a more attractive stay while acquiring various skills.
■How to apply
TEL:0980-84-6320 {+81-980-84-6320}(Okinawa Area Recruiter)