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By using cosmetics made from the natural blessings of Okinawa, such as Shell Ginger, Shikuwasa, and Hibiscus,
It infuses your body with fresh and refreshing power, giving you healing and vitality.
Please enjoy the ultimate relaxation and blissful time.


Iriomote Spa is a place where you can feel the energy and healing of the great nature of Iriomote Island. On Iriomote Island where mangroves, which are the symbols of the subtropical life that nurture many lives, are nurtured, an aroma oil treatment that leads to deep relaxation, a body care that refreshes and relieves your body, Awamori and gorgeous hibiscus that is a medicine of life Please enjoy a blissful time such as a foot bath. By using cosmetics made from the natural blessings of Okinawa such as Shell Ginger, Shikuwasa, and Hibiscus, you can inflate your body with freshness, and provide healing and vitality.

2:00pm-10:00pm (There are regular off-days)
Intended for
All spa menus are available for all genders.
Reservations are required. Please contact us about regular off-days.
Telephone number 0980-85-7111 {+81-980-85-7111}

Iriomote Spa à la carte menu
  • Irimuti Chikara(Iriomote Power)
    #Aroma oil body treatment

    Our Iriomote Spa's recommended treatment will lead you to deep relaxation. You can choose from two types of aroma oiles (shell ginger / flat lemon).

    30min / 7,920yen , 60min / 13,640yen

  • Zabura Pantasu (Head Relaxation)
    #Head massage

    The shell ginger aroma oil has excellent sedation and antioxidant effects. Relax from decollete to head. A treatment that relieves your fatigue and makes you relax in the rippling wave sounds.

    30min / 5,720yen

  • Duu Pantasu(Body Relaxation)
    #Body care

    Relax the tired body muscles by sea and mountain activities. It also Improves your blood circulation, lymph flow and relieves muscle fatigue. (clothes on)

    30min / 5,720yen , 60min / 10,230yen

  • Ganju Pai (Energetic Feet)
    #Reflexology(Foot pot care)

    Reflexology using shell ginger aroma oil provides excellent moisture retention. The energy starts from the feet and carefully move to tour knees and soles.

    30min / 5,720yen , 45min / 7,920yen

  • Akapana Pai Yuku(Hibiscus Foot Bath)
    #Foot bath

    Warm your feet with the foot bath adding Hibiscus extract and Awamori. The gentle salt massage applies natural salt of the coral reef sea which makes your feet soft and refreshing.

    15min / 3,410yen

* The price includes one person and tax.

Iriomote Spa Course Menu
  • Duu Dangi(Recreation)
    #Hibiscus foot bath #Whole body care #Foot pot care

    Relaxing tired body muscles through activities such as Iriomote Island activities, relaxing feet, knees and soles, leading to deep relaxation.

    80min / 14,740yen

  • Tinnu Kaara (The Milky Way)
    #Hibiscus foot bath #Aroma oil body treatment #Head massage

    A foot bath of hibiscus blooming in a subtropical climate is performed, and an aroma oil body treatment is performed to loosen the entire body and lead to deep relaxation. The experience with a head massage that seeks a relaxing effect leads to the ultimate relaxation.

    90min / 17,050yen

* The price includes one person and tax.